Boone and Boone Construction - General Contractors - East Texas
Boone and Boone Construction - General Contractors - East Texas Boone and Boone Construction - General Contractors - East Texas Boone and Boone Construction - General Contractors - East Texas Boone and Boone Construction - General Contractors - East Texas Boone and Boone Construction - General Contractors - East Texas Boone and Boone Construction - General Contractors - East Texas Boone and Boone Construction - General Contractors - East Texas Boone and Boone Construction - General Contractors - East Texas


"The Tyler Economic Development Council is writing this letter to express our appreciation for the outstanding job your company did on the 101,000 square foot, $2.6 million, United States Postal Service Bulk Mailing Facility renovation project. You took our former distribution center building and transformed it into this high tech, state-of-the-art mailing facility, and you did so on time, within budget, and without change orders. Your smooth management process made the entire project come together easily, without any on-site intervention on our part. We appreciate your skill and experience. Thanks again for an outstanding job."

-Thomas G. Mullins, CED, President, CEO - Tyler Economic Development Council-


"I would like to commend you and your workers on the quality workmanship at the Green Acres Baptist South Recreational Complex... Boone and Boone has proven to be a company with experience, integrity, and reliability. It has been a pleasure to work with your company... I look forward to working with you on future projects and would highly recommend your firm to anyone."

-Mark H. Spencer - MHS Planning & Design-


"Words cannot express the gratitude that is felt toward you by members of St. Paul's Episcopal Church...  Everyone is overwhelmed by the perfection you have put into every detail... We feel like we have the most beautiful Parish Hall in East Texas!"

-Congregation - St. Paul's Episcopal Church-


"On behalf of the Vestry and the congregation, I want to thank you for the excellent and expedient job you did on the installation of our new steeple... We look forward to working with you on the upcoming building project... Thank you once again."

-Rev. Ray R. Sutton - Good Shepherd Reformed Episcopal Church-


"Just a note of thanks for the opportunity to work with your company and with Dick Nolen... he is one of the most professional and fair superintendents we have ever worked with."

-Bob Shelton - ProChemical-


"The Tyler Independent School District wishes to acknowledge your company's excellent performance on the Birdwell, Bonner, and Hubbard school projects. The total cooperation of your office and field personnel made these projects enjoyable ones with which to be associated... We look forward to working again with your firm in the future."

-W.W. Newton Jr., AIA - Tyler ISD-


"We want to thank you for helping us meet some very tight deadlines while still maintaining standards of high quality. We appreciate the cooperation and service you have given, and will certainly remember your efforts in our continued maintenance program as well as future building endeavors."

-Donald L. Ward, Ed.D., President - Ambassador College-


"We have had the privilege of serving as surety for Boone and Boone Construction, Inc. for several years. We have always found them to be reputable and professional in every respect. You will certainly be well served with them as your construction professional."

-Dwight C. Wilcox - The Ohio Casualty Group-


"I am pleased to inform you that the Northeast Texas Chapter of the American Institute of Architects has selected you to receive a Craftsmanship Award for outstanding performance as a construction superintendent. Your projects have exhibited superior care and diligence, and the Chapter wishes to recognize this by presenting an award to you at our December Chapter meeting."

-Dewayne Manning - American Institute of Architects Northeast Texas Chapter-


" is time to congratulate Boone and Boone Construction for constructing one of the most difficult projects. The project is beautiful and appealing. The visitors that come to see the project express their delight and pleasure at seeing such a pretty facility. The work you did was excellent, done on time and with great great working relations. We hope that we can work with you again in the future. We would recommend your company to anyone, because your work is excellent and your employees are all very cooperative. IT HAS BEEN GREAT!"

-Gordon and Pauline Dopson - Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center-


"You and your organization performed in an exceptional manner to complete the project ahead of schedule with quality workmanship. Please pass our thanks on to your superintendent and subcontractors for their cooperation in working with the Institution and this office and their dedication to the project. We look forward to future projects when we will be able to work with you and your team again."

-Otis Grafa, Jr. , Chief Supervision and Inspection - The University of Texas System-


"Your superintendent, Mike, is doing a great job; you should be proud of the way he handles himself on the job. We are proud that Boone and Boone is building our new intermediate school."

-Gerald F. Rosebure, Superintendent - Wills Point Independent School Disctrict-


"We appreciate the professional manner in which the work was performed, the whole-hearted cooperation of all your personnel, and your efforts at making sure the project was completed to our satisfaction... Needless to say, we will highly recommend your firm to anyone who is seeking a top-notch construction company."

-Joe Kalenda, Treasurer - First Lutheran Church Longview-


Boone and Boone Construction - General Contractors - East Texas